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25 Bold MLB Predictions for 2015 Season

25 Bold MLB Predictions for 2015 Season

by 34shadow

The easy forecasts are there every single spring. 
The perennial dominant pitcher will dominate again. The superstar hitter will hit like a superstar. The loaded team will win its division, and the injury-plagued will get injured.
Even the novice fan can predict those things and be fairly accurate, but it is the fates that are questionable, completely unexpected or totally unfathomable that make us think and talk. They stir up debate and have every chance to be dead wrong as they do to be a surprise hit.
The bold predictions cannot just be pulled out of thin air, though. They have to be thought out and have a certain degree of analysis to back them up. They are not prognostications for the sake of wild prognostications. They actually have some foundation but are just daring enough to start at least a mild uproar.
That is how these 25 predictions came to be. They are not obvious, but they are not wildly unsound. This is opinion mixed with fact and history along with a hefty helping of going out on a limb. And if they were done intelligently, we’ll see some of them come to fruition over the next six months.Begin Slideshow
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