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For baseball fans everywhere...you are about to embark on a journey filled with mystery, controversy and conspiracy. If you do now or have ever played baseball, you know that being a good hitter is a difficult challenge for most. Baseball can be more rewarding that any other sport. Players are challenged to learn about themselves, their physical skills and mental strength. Hitting challenges all your fears and forces you to focus at deeper levels. Egos, pressure and excuses put roadblocks along your path to success at all levels. 

To this day, Ted Williams remains the last player to hit .400 and is considered to be the Greatest Player of all time. Why aren't more hitters aspiring to hit like Ted Williams? Well a lot do actually, but they get held down by coaches with big egos who think they know it all, even though they have never produced a hitter that could beat Ted's record. These coaches often think they are teaching hitter to swing like Ted Williams but sadly, they don't know the mechanics behind his swing.

With the help of hitting specialist, Mike Huber, we delve into those swing mechanics and discover a technique so unique and powerful that it goes against most experts have ever taught and certainly against everything we learned as kids. After thousands of research hours and many years in development, Coach Mike Huber designed a simple and quick to learn hitting system that surpasses Ted Williams. This system has the ability to produce many great hitters who all bat over .400, if only people will listen and open up to the possibilities. Coach Huber has recorded over 20,000 individual training sessions with an average of a 50 point increase in both batting average and slugging percentage within the first season following or during training.

We believe that learning how to hit a baseball has been so dummied down that it has become impossible for most players to reach their full, true potential and further their baseball career. We will get into the mind of Coach Mike Huber and show you how he gets average hitters to experience big-time increases in bat speed and power hitting within his first 3 lessons. We aim to open the minds of the closed-minded and open the hearts and dreams of baseball players everywhere.

You have the ability to grow in knowledge and skill and evolve into star players and coaches. Hitting is controversial, mystical, spiritual and perplexing and many people have different philosophies on how it works. If you believe in truth and growth potential, join us on this journey of discovery. Discover the missing truths about why hitting at all levels keeps getting worse, season after season. Begin to understand the most controversial skill to learn in sports...hitting.

Thank you for joining Moneyball Hitter Magazine. This publication is dedicated to educating the public about the science and mystery behind hitting a baseball. It is our belief that hitters and teams across the world are being blocked when it comes to reaching their full potential in hitting.

We ask you...Since Ted Williams was the last hitter to hit .400, why aren't more players and coaches trying to learn how to hit like Ted Williams? It is a baffling question and one that has few honest answers. Moneyball Hitter Magazine along with our lead writer, coach and hitting specialist, Mike Huber will uncover the truths as to why hitters at all levels are being prevented from learning how to hit a baseball the right way.

Our writers intend to awaken the public and bring attention to hard-headed coaches who refuse to see the error in their methods of training hitters. There is a conspiracy among baseball egos that have gotten in the way of the things that really matter, like allowing hitters to reach their full potential. We show you how, more and more, players are losing their desire and passion to further their baseball careers. In many cases, players careers are stopped short because of their inability to hit better.

In short, hitting is the energy of the game and anyone who knows or learns to to really hit can tell you how much fuel this provides their soul and to carry their baseball dreams onward.