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Fear of Being Average Hitter


Fear of Being Average Hitter

by Coach Huber

Do you feel fear of being a average hitter?

If you have a fear of being an average hitter, it is the one thing that is holding you back to finding the right answers to improve. For most baseball players, to keep their head above water during their career, they have to learn to accept how good or no so good of a hitter they are. Most hitters at every level are average at best, which means their are a large percentage of hitters out there who have felt the feeling of guilt and fear of being a mediocre hitter.

Here at Moneyball we are big believers in human potential and know that the use of certain tools and techniques in hitting, can release the magic in you. Unfortunately, we are one of the few that believe this. Most believe that only a small percent of hitters can really hit and that is that. He who dares to believe that they belong in that small percent of hitters that can really hit usually come to our website, read our articles, watch our videos, and arrange ways they can find out about how our techniques can help them be one of the best hitters on their team, even if they were used to being mediocre.

Fear of Being Mediocre Stops You in Your Tracks

Guilt is a hard form a fear that keeps hitters down and depressed. All hitters want to do well, but when things do not go their way and the slumps start piling on during the season, the cloud over your head prevents you from figuring out that you are a much better hitter than you think you are!

Coaches sometimes do not help as they subliminally let you know that all you are is sub-par at best. If you are asked to situational hit or bunt a lot, be rest assured that your coach does not think you can hit. That goes for being benched, placed near last in the order, and side bar comments that don't make you feel so good. Usually the coach is the one giving you hitting tips and your doing exactly what he is saying and it is not working. Then the guilty party wants to make you feel guilty because you just don't have the skills?

Stop playing the fear and guilt hitters! Have you read all out articles and watched our videos? Right now we are outing most all the MLB hitting coaches for their low standard of being able to teach major leagues how to hit. Hitting is at it's worst since 1972! Power and average numbers are down across the league so there are a lot of baseball people feeling the fear of being mediocre right now and most are the silly hitting coaches. There is a conundrum going on out there and the BB Core bats have not helped the high school and college guys a bit either. We are asking you to break free from this hitters spell that is going on and release the guilt! Why?

Hit 50 Points Better Right Now!

We believe you are at least 50 points better than what you think you are! Yes I said 50 points! I am not blowing you any smoke! If you keep testing out philosophies and tinkering with your swing you most likely will never reach your potential. Here at Moneyball, we know all the philosophies out there and why they have some missing pieces in them that is setting hitting back right now as we speak.

We believe in hitters who learn the right techniques to fill these holes. We have proven for over 15 years that filling the holes in your swing will help you bat at least 50 points better than normal. You got to think out of the box and the first step is getting rid of the guilt that you are mediocre as a hitter. Stop believing your and other people's thoughts about your skills as a hitter! What would happen if you created some new thoughts about your career?

What would your baseball career be like if you went from a hitter that hit .250 and slugged .320 to a .300 hitter who slugged .400? How about if your are around .270 and slugging .370? That is still below average you know! Change that thought to you possibly learning how to hit .330 and slugging near .500.

These are the types of thoughts we here at Moneyball believe in because once the guilt clears away and you know the politics and matrix driven challenges in baseball, you can think clearly and learn new tools that will get you to where you need to go. This goes for players and coaches. As a matter of fact, most coaches and players who are surrounded by a fear of being average will never even get through reading this article unfortunately. Maybe a parent or a friend may be reading it for you right now? If your lucky!

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

Hitting Specialist at Hubie Magic
Coach Mike Huber is one of only three men to be recognized by Ted Williams as a top hitter training specialist and baseball consultant. For the last 15 years, Mike has been using his own specialized hitting techniques to help hitters at all levels reach their fullest potential. Learn more about Coach Huber by visiting: HubieMagic.com
Coach Huber
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