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Help Put an End to Hitting Vampires

Hitting Vampires

Help Put an End to Hitting Vampires

by fastballusa

Help Put a Stop to Hitting VampiresThis is a picture of me, Mike Ryan circa 1997

You may not recognize me but I was one of those coaches who was acting like a hitting vampire. I taught things like, head still, squash the bug, less movement is better, and sucked the natural athleticism out of hitters. I was a hitting vampire and a coaching vampire.   

I was Killing hitters ability to hit harder and farther. I was stuck on trying to make hitters simply Look better. Just like most coaches today I was more interested in creating a pretty swing.

Flash Forward To October 2014!

Something Changed......................Me 2014

Mike Ryan

The Emphasis is Now on Results........Not looking pretty!

For the past several years I began emphasizing results which starts with allowing the hitter to do what should come natural. I emphasize movement, natural athleticism, and simply hitting the ball harder than everyone else. The result are now our students hit harder and farther.   

 Warning!!!!   It's NOT too late!

Help Put an End to Hitting Vampires

Watch out for these hitting vampires or Coaching vampires. They don't want you to hit like Ichiro or Hanley Ramirez. They want to look good. They talk mechanics.  They talk about getting the front foot down early. They talk about squashing the bug. They talk about keeping the head still. They say less movement is always better. They say lead with the knob to the ball.    

Just like me they are all well meaning coaches. Most times instruction in itself is the first step towards losing natural athletic ability. I would be careful of any instruction and instead implement the Fastball USA Big 7 Training Rules for success. 

Ichiro Moves!

For a 10 year period, nobody in major league baseball collected more hits than Ichiro. 

Ichiro (like many great hitters) does not follow what is traditionally taught by coaches across America. The reason why professional baseball is filled with so many non- US born players is because the foreign players don't have their natural athletic movements sucked out of their swings by coaches. 

Ichiro had the best timing of any hitter for 10 years, yet he had possibly the most movement.

Watch Ichiro Move in this video 

Hanley Ramirez has also done quite well but he also does not follow the philosophy of keeping the head still, not moving, and keeping the back foot in one place.  

Watch Hanley move in this video!




Director of Baseball Training at Fastball USA
Coach Ryan has spent 14 years as an Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners organization, and has been running Fastball USA since 2001. Coach Ryan has spent nearly 20 years as a professional baseball instructor specializing in hitting and pitching.
email: fastballusa@hotmail.com.

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  • coolbr1
    October 23, 2014

    Vampires is a good word for some of these coaches that think they know about hitting.

  • ultimatehittingcoach
    November 5, 2014

    99.9999th percentile hitters’ styles do not translate over to MLB aspirants. those players excel only because of the 99.9999 athletic skills that player has. for any random player to decide tomorrow he’s going to emulate either hanley Ramirez or ichiro.. simply ain’t gonna happen. sorry.

  • ultimatehittingcoach
    November 5, 2014

    to best help a random player: MENTALLY working on reducing the 2 most common hitter’s errors:1)quit hacking at fewer bad pitches, 2)keep his hands up eye-high until after pitch release so he’s rolling DOWNhill at pitches up in the zone instead of climbing UPhill. addition by subtraction.simple

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