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Houston Astros 2014-15 Review


Houston Astros 2014-15 Review


Houston Astros 2014 Review 2015 Prediction

Team batting and slugging
Ranked 29nth is 2014
- last 3 years near last place

Where it went wrong? About the last hitting coaches and coordinators.

Mike Barnett - Barnett, who has served as hitting coach for the Blue Jays (2002-05) and the Royals (2006-08), spent the previous two seasons as the Houston Astros' Minor League hitting coordinator.

Barnett spent hours this offseason watching videotape of the at-bats of the players when they were at their best over the last two years. He watched at-bats of every base hit and then went back and observed the at-bats of the extra-base hit.

Seems like Barnett puts in a lot more film work than most coaches do, but the results are just not there. We cannot count the times we have stated that hitting cannot be figured out through video analysis. Some things that come up can help maybe, but more can get screwed up in an analysis that involves diagnosis of how muscles work in a swing. Which these coaches are not equipped to have an eye for!

John Malee (last years 2014 interim hitting coach after Barnett) and now Dave Hudgens are 2 of the top hitting gurus in the baseball industry. They sell, speak, and write books on hitting like they are Tony Robbins.

Mallee now with Cubs and recently fired from the Marlins the year he actually became the hitting coach, helped out the Astros in recent years following the firing of Barnett. Last year under his helm they finished near last statistically just like the Marlins did when he coached them.

The Mets let go of Hitting Coach Hudgens after an abysmal 4 years with them and now the Houston Astros are taking a chance with him. One thing to notice is that last place hitting coaches usually get picked up by a near last place team in the MLB.  It is funny how this works, but it does.

Here is what Hudgens has to work with.

One star hitter
Jose Altuive .341/7 hr

Chip in hitters- Averaged .270 with 3 hr in this group


6 more guys- 240 or lower - good power

Carter 37 homers .220
Springer 20 .220

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber
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