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How Hitting Gurus Twist Truth About Hitting

Twisting the Truth about Hitting

How Hitting Gurus Twist Truth About Hitting

by Coach Huber

How Hitting Gurus twist the truths about hitting into a pretzel!

In the video provided below, another example of another hitting expert confused in the mystery of hitting. In this example, the hitting expert compares Ted Williams to Miguel Cabrera; citing Miguel Cabrera's swing is much more efficient than Ted Williams.

So this guy's point is that Ted Williams takes his bat too far away from his ear on his load and sights that Miguel Cabrera does not and keeps the bat head inside his shoulder.

This expert thinks Ted Williams would've been a much better hitter if he was shorter and quicker to the ball, and Miguel Cabrera has much better hitting mechanics than Ted Williams. Meaning Cabrera is a much better hitter than Williams because he believes that the pitching is harder than it was back in Ted Williams' era.

So you know this coach is a believer in rotational hitting but he is still squeezed in by the fact that everybody brainwashes everybody into thinking that you should be short and quick to the ball.

So is this hitting expert acknowledging that Ted Williams has a longer swing, but yet he is the most effective hitter in major league history at the same time?

Ted Williams has spoken about his reasons for keeping his bat straight and away from his shoulder in the load. It helps create more bat whip and helps sync the swing together so that the hips can work first and the hands can easily follow because of the separation caused in his ingenious load.

Mr. Maximum Bat Speed scoffs at Ted Williams Hitting

But no, a hitting expert who calls himself Mr. Maximum Bat Speed scoffs at Ted Williams and wants to teach hitters how to keep the bat head inside the shoulders to create more bat speed! You are a great presenter Mr. Max Bat Speed, but if you realized how uninformed you are and how many hitters you messed up because they respect the effort and creative professionalism you put into this presentation you would puke in your own bat bag.

Just another truth twister caught up in the programming of teaching a short to the ball swing. Did you ever think that if Cabrera copied the Ted Williams load and got his hands back further and had his bat get away from the shoulder that he could have been the next right handed hitter to hit near .400?

This is par for the course. Ted Williams throws a huge secret to the baseball community in the way he loaded his weight back that was a huge contributor to his greatness, and a sideline guru twists it all up and makes it seem that he got away with having a long swing because he played in a different era. If you pointed this out to Ted in person he would have you for dinner buddy. Your lucky he is dead!

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Here is the video. Mr. Maximum Bat Speed will get more attention now!

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

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Coach Huber
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