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How to Hit Harder

How to Hit Harder

by fastballusa

Take the Slack Out of the Front Arm in order to hit harder

Eleven 100mph athletes and over 100, 90mph athletes mostly in the past 5 years and all of them do this very well. As they say success leaves clues.  

Watch this video to see how too much slack in the front arm will KILL your hitting power. 


*  Most tee work encourages hitters to put slack into the front arm and eliminates stretch. This means if you do a lot of tee work you better make sure your not reducing power by doing all your tee practice.   

*  A lot of instruction has become so focused on the shortest path to the baseball that bad information has led to players having too much slack in the front arm. Hands inside the ball sounds good until it eliminates stretch and creates too much slack.  

Watch this example of what all of our 90&100mph hitters do a like:



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Coach Ryan has spent 14 years as an Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners organization, and has been running Fastball USA since 2001. Coach Ryan has spent nearly 20 years as a professional baseball instructor specializing in hitting and pitching.
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