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Minor League Players Hunting for Power- Come to Moneyball for help!


Minor League Players Hunting for Power- Come to Moneyball for help!

by Coach Huber

Minor League Player Contacts Moneyball for Help

Recently we got a call from a minor league outfielder on the 40 man roster for the KC Royals. He is just a step away from being a major contributor and this year he needs to improve his hitting to get his chance.
Normally a .275 hitter between 12-15 homers a year, this hitter is big (6'3, 230) and fast (4.5 forty time). In the Minor Leagues it is rare that someone hits for power and good average, but we both agreed that these numbers were not good enough to really get the attention of the Royals front office. We convinced this player that the Moneyball Formula could help his his numbers quite a bit this season to make it more obvious that he be activated on the Royals roster and eventually get quite a bit of playing time.

Moneyball Hitting Formula

As we explained, the Moneyball Training Formula is patterned after the Moneyball Hitting Formula. Basically, MLB teams are looking for players who hit for higher averages, on base percentages, and slugging percentages. We here at Moneyball, train hitters to do just that and we do not waste time implementing the formula with the player so he can experience success right away.

So our Royals protege came to Chicago to see what he was missing. He said he could not believe that he could not hit more than 15 home runs because he was one of the strongest guys in the farm system. We explained that the strength of the hitter does not matter if the technique is not right.


Pre-Evaluation of KC Royals Player

In our pre-evaluation, he graded out very average. His ball striking ability was inconsistent as well as his ability to hit for consistent power. Most of his hits were pull side and he graded out as a 43, which is a bit below our passing grade in the Moneyball Formula. We then showed him the formula and put his body and hitting muscles in the correct sequence. After about 20 minutes, we then evaluated him again and his score went up to 63! This means he increased his striking ability and power by 30 percent all in one lesson (for more on this training method go to https://hubiemagic.com/2013/09/points-game-shows-improvement-builds-confidence/).

Now we will not name this player in case we go under contract in the near future, but he was very excited about what he learned and what he was always missing. He could not understand why the Formula was not taught at the pro level, but was grateful he was learning it at the same time.

The couple of lessons we gave him helped to lock the muscles in, so the swing stayed consistent. The last test we gave him was the "Live Performance" test where he is pitched different types of pitches (fastball, change, curve) at a quick speed without him knowing what pitches were coming. The point is to see if the hitter can hold his swing and not flinch or change his swing during this test. He ended up going 19 for 25 with 11 of the hits being power shots. So basically we improved his scores dramatically by locking his muscles in the correct sequence. We improved his ball striking and power swing rate by at least 30 percent.

If the swing holds together throughout a season, this means higher batting average and more power! That simple!

The question is, will the swing hold together for this player?

In all likelihood we like his chances, but eventually he would need some tune-ups and follow through. The scary part is learning the Formula and then going back and working with the other instructors (remember his pre-evaluation was low with all of his knowledge about hitting coming form minor league hitting coaches).  If the player does not learn how to keep the formula locked in and then for some reason re-learns old habits then all can get lost. This is why follow-up and consultation are vital.

Minor League Training Offer

The Moneyball Training Formula is now on offer for all Minor League players because we feel strongly that it can help the player bust through. We have trained successfully at the travel, high school, college, and pro-Independent Leagues. The Formula is designed to help hitters raise their power and batting average numbers by 50 points and has been successful doing so in nearly 95 percent of the cases. Will this Royals hitter bust through based on what we experienced with him?
Yes he will! He was on the cusp to greatness and all he needed was that final push. We do know the dangers of the hitting coaches messing with his possibilities and we will keep you informed.


Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

Hitting Specialist at Hubie Magic
Coach Mike Huber is one of only three men to be recognized by Ted Williams as a top hitter training specialist and baseball consultant. For the last 15 years, Mike has been using his own specialized hitting techniques to help hitters at all levels reach their fullest potential. Learn more about Coach Huber by visiting: HubieMagic.com
Coach Huber
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