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MLB Cubs Lead Spring Training Homers


MLB Cubs Lead Spring Training Homers

by Coach Huber

Cubs Lead Spring Training 2015 Games in Homers in MLB!

I know spring training 2015 games do not mean much, but the Chicago Cubs are leading the MLB in home runs this spring! If you follow the the Cubs they certainly had potential last year to be one of the better power hitting teams in the league. Their team is centered around power potential and has been for the past year or so. It is part of the plan for the Cubs. Simply out slug other teams as much as possible. I believe  it is a very good sign that the Cubs are on their way! Not so fast though; I still think they are a ways away. Why?

We need to remember that the Cubs are still somewhat young and they have no experience being in a playoff race. They may have pieces in place talent wise, but a lot of dynamics go along with winning which hopefully new manager Joe Madden will help tie together.

This spring has been an indication of such talents, but yet they are still not turning heads and not exactly racking up wins this spring. The Chicago Cubs are really focusing much of their time marketing and talking this team up so much that they hope that the expectations make them a better ball club. It may happen that way, but if it does not and the Cubs fail to contend then the Cubs could be in real trouble in the future. They have the potential to move forward, but they also have the potential to fall on their faces again? Why?

MLB Cubs Have Decent Power Potential

Offensively, they were near last in team batting last year with decent power potential. To be a championship team you definitely need power, but to have such a low team batting average like they did last year ( near .245 and that they are proving to thus far this spring) means that all the trouble of getting players on base gives the team less of a chance of scoring than the other teams. Unless the power comes at the right time consistently during the year, and the pitching makes up for the lack of consistent scoring, than the Cubs can roll the wrong way again.

To keep it real, Kris Bryant is really the new sensation that keeps the Cubs on top this spring as far as power is concerned. He has 8 homers and without him the Cubs will be just a slightly above average power hitting team. Bryant brings mega star energy to the team and could help the other players hit closer to their potential with his presence alone. We have let you know on more than one occasion on this site, that there is an opposing force that Cubs hitters will be facing in their own clubhouse and that is within there own clubhouse. Who are we talking about?

Cubs New Hitting Coach, John Mallee, Posing Problem

Their new hitting coach John Mallee is posing a problem that Cubs management has not seen. We have noted that he is a popular character within the MLB ranks, but has led nearly every team he has coached as a hitting coach to a near last place hitting team. He coached with the Miami Marlins and the Houston Astros who ranked near last while he was their hitting coach. He earned his stripes as a Hitting Coordinator, mostly with the Marlins. When he actually became a hitting coach though, his true colors came out and the same can come true for the Cubs.

Mallee is a linear hitting coach who has been placed on a Cubs team who has a roster full of powerful rotational hitters. We know with 100 percent certainly that the Cubs need to perfect their rotational mechanics instead of inbreeding with an instructor that teaches a different system (linear mechanics) that we know does not work. So there is a definitely a conflict of interest and we believe that Mallee was hired to help control and harness the power swings in the Cubs line-up.

We know that Mallee has the capability of doing the exact opposite of what he came here to do. We anticipate that over the the period of the season that Mallee is capable of killing the power swings of the Cubs and making them more into a contact hitting team. We can't tell you how dangerous this mixture of Mallee and the Cubs is. With all of the positives the Cubs have going for them, this negative marriage between hitting coach and players is very serious.

Why Cubs Player Kris Bryant Won't Listen to Mallee

The one positive is that Kris Bryant will not be a player that will be listening to John Mallee. He is a pure effective rotational hitter that Mallee simply does not understand from a mechanical teaching standpoint. Bryant and his father have been working on Ted Williams like mechanics since they were young and he is so good that he will be untouchable to Mallee. With this said, "What would we do with the Cubs hitters to help assure them a shot at the post season and climb the ranks as a top 10 hitting team in the MLB?

We would show them the Moneyball formula of how to become an effective rotational power hitter. The only way to become effective is to hit for power with respectable batting averages at the same time. The Cubs are a bit out of control with their swings because the body is out of sinc in their approach. We would coach them to use the right powerful muscles that supply power and control at the same time.

Most MLB hitters do not know how to do this consistently; but we can tell you without doubt that Kris Bryant does! Really all the Cubs would have to do is hire Kris Bryant's dad as the hitting coach. It would be a more perfect match as what they are trying to do as a team.

Really though, hitting is so tricky that all these innuendoes details we talk about are way over the heads of upper management teams, but make a huge difference. Why do you think we call our site and our training formula Moneyball Hitter?

For more on our thoughts about the MLB Cubs, John Mallee and Kris Bryant please feel free to read our detailed research on the both of them (links below). They both will make a big difference to the Cubs team. Positively and negatively!


Coach Huber
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