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MLB Umpire Training

Umpires & Players Over-Trained

Are Players & Umpires Getting Any Better? The amount of training an umpire has to go through and hours of game experience necessary to become an MLB umpire are overwhelming to say the least and just as rigorous as player training. As a former umpire and now little league coach, I know that since the early 90's the training schools for players and umpires have popped up nationwide 10 fold! Does this mean that players and umpires are getting any better?I honestly have to answer no! I do not see better umpires and I do not see better players as far as comparison [...]
MLB Cardinals AJ Pierzynski

MLB Cardinals – What has Changed?

by Coach Huber
MLB Cardinals 2014 Season vs Playoffs MLB Cardinals are hitting home runs and extra base hits like it is going out of style and very few recognize that this has not been the type of ball club they were this year, 2014. They were a base-hitting , low-scoring, 4-5 hit per game team who barely made the 2014 playoffs because of great pitching and defense. Before the 2014 playoffs began, Mike Matheny was quoted as saying that "all they need to do is keep doing what they were doing the whole year." My personal reaction to that was, "Are you crazy!?" [...]
Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long

Hitting Coaches vs Offensive Coordinators

by Coach Huber
Who gets more respect and direction from their players between these two positions and why? Offensive coordinators in most any sport are highly sought after jobs and it requires a real guru coach to be able to put together a system based on philosophy, strategy, personnel, and constant game time counter moves. Offensive coordinators are of high intellect, well respected around the league by coaches and players and are real strategic problem solvers. A large percent of them are successful and most keep their jobs for extended periods of time and do not have too many problems finding jobs around the [...]
St. Louis Cardinals 2014 MLB Playoffs

MLB Playoffs 2014 Cardinals Review

by Coach Huber
The St. Louis Cardinals are the closest thing to the NY Yankees of the National League. To put it bluntly, they just win and continue to win year in and year out. This year is there 4th year in a row where the Cardinals were division winners and they stake a claim to being a major impact in the MLB the past couple decades and in the history of baseball. It is no secret that the organization is built on class, character, and strategic and careful planning on building and keeping a winning roster year in and year out. The Cardinals [...]

Hitting in MLB is Going Down the Toilet

by Coach Huber
Hitting at All Levels is Going Down the Toilet! Here is the Proof The 2014 Home Run Derby was not tough to watch because of the Derby itself. I actually enjoy watching the show and I like to analyze how much of a different approach the winner has to take from his game swing (in most cases not much). I know this year there was a rule change that have the contestants only 7 outs instead of 10, but I don’t think that took too much away from the results of the Derby. For me this was the worst pool [...]