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Detroit Tigers 2014 Review

Ultimate Moneyball Hitting Team! Detroit Tigers! Number 1 in Hitting 2014 Look at this Grand Slam video of Detroit Tigers hitters. Does all their swings look familiar? What do they all do well? What are their tendencies and consistencies? Are they linear or rotational? How about their set up? Do they learn from one another? How much emulation is going on?  

Minnesota Twins 2014 Review

If the Minnesota Twins Hit Like Paul Moliter They Have a Chance! New manager Paul Molitor is perhaps one of the greatest right handed hitters to play the game. He is a career.303 hitter and one of the few players to have over 3000 hits. He was a Moneyball hitter because he could hit for power and average while having a good eye at the plate. In my analysis of the Minnesota Twins hitters, they have more of a tendency to keep their hands down near the armpit like Molitor did in his day. This is one of the reasons [...]
Chicago White Sox 2014 Review

Chicago White Sox 2014 Review

2014 Chicago White Sox Hitting Analysis We feel the Chicago White Sox are a long way away from being a championship hitting team. The Chicago White Sox were ranked 16th in the league in hitting last year. They got off to a great start but the second half of the season was a horrible decline, as a lot of the hitters could not hold it together. Their .253 team average and .398 slug stacks up with the rest of the middle of the pack as pretty bad. Abreu and Alexei Ramirez were the 2 hitters that stood out; with Adam [...]
Dale Sveum Review

Dale Sveum Review – Royals

by Coach Huber
Worst to first: Royals hitting coach Dale Sveum Dale Sveum is enjoying the Series' atmosphere after being fired as Cubs manager one year ago with a year remaining on his three-year contract. "You get fired and end up in the place like this, it doesn't get any better than this, no matter what you're doing," he said. "This is what we do it for. You'd rather be here than anywhere else, no matter what capacity. Since we were 5 years old in the backyard, you imagine yourself here. It's the best feeling you can have, and very gratifying." Being a [...]
Long fired

What’s Next for Kevin Long?

by Coach Huber
Yankees Hitting Coach Kevin Long Recently Fired Yankees Hitting Coach Kevin Long recently got fired by Yankees management because they could not ignore the fact the the Yankees hitting numbers have gone down ever since Kevin Long has been there. Kevin Long is a well tauted coach who is always a lead speaker at baseball conventions and very comparable to the stature of the late Charlie Lau. Before Kevin Long came on the scene a man named Dave Hudgens preceded him as one of the main baseball hitting gurus. Dave's "Hitting for Excellence" website has appeared number one on Google [...]