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Cleveland Indians 2014-15 Review

Cleveland Indians 2014 Season Review 2015 Prediction The Cleveland Indians have has the same team batting average the last couple years (.255)  and they are down 20 points in their slugging at .389. The Cleveland Indians rank 11th in hitting in the MLB. Ty Van Burkleo is the hitting coach. He has 33 seasons in pro ball. One star hitter for Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley .327 20 Hr 2014 from a .285/10. !!! Good role players Chisenhall .280 /13.... Went up 50 points in average Gomes .278 /21 No Role .260/.250 less than 9 hr- 8 players Murphy Ramirez BourneA liesCabrera [...]

Houston Astros 2014-15 Review

Houston Astros 2014 Review 2015 Prediction Team batting and slugging.242/383 Ranked 29nth is 2014- last 3 years near last place Where it went wrong? About the last hitting coaches and coordinators. Mike Barnett - Barnett, who has served as hitting coach for the Blue Jays (2002-05) and the Royals (2006-08), spent the previous two seasons as the Houston Astros' Minor League hitting coordinator. Barnett spent hours this offseason watching videotape of the at-bats of the players when they were at their best over the last two years. He watched at-bats of every base hit and then went back and observed [...]

LA Angels 2014-2015 Review

LA Angels 2014 Review & 2015 Prediction .259/406 LA Angles Star Hitters 2014 Mike trout .287/36Cole Calhoun 272/17Pujols 272/28 Chip in Players 2014 LA Angels Howie Kendrick.293/7 hrErick aybar  .278/7 hrsJosh Hampton 263/10 hr. Grant green 273/1 hr The Angels are an interesting team and close to a Moneyball Hitting Team. There are about 2-3 hitters in the line up that are in the .250 club and cannot hit for power. In the MLB if you have hitters who are regarded as easy outs it is a problem, but their star hitters have enough star power to uphold the team [...]

Toronto Blue Jays Review 2014-2015

Toronto Blue Jays .259/.414 ranked 7thScored 723 runs which is ranked 5th in the leagueMelky Cabrera .301/ 16 HRJose Bautista .286/35 HREdwin Encarnarcion .268/34HRNavarro .274/12 HRJose Reyes .287/ 9 HRFrancisco, Rasmussen, Lawrie hit around 15 HR but between .220-250The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the few teams who have been hitting better over the past three years. They have climbed the ranks form 23rd in the MLB to 9nth in the last few years. This is quite a big jump and when a team hits like this they are going to be a contender and last year was the [...]

Washington Nationals 2014-15 Review

Washington Nationals- Should be play- off bound again! -Washington Nationals Ranked 12th in MLB-Team batting average .253/ .393 slugging-Last 3 years they hovered around the same with really no improvements in their hitting.-Hitting and especially pitching was good enough to make play-offs last 2 of 3 years. Not quite a Moneyball Hitting team, but they are surrounded with the most talent in the league. The Washington Nationals hit far below their potential. Star Hitters for Washington Nationals Jason Worth .292/16 HRAnthony Rendon .287/21 HR Bryce Harper .273/13HRWilson Ramos .267/11HRAdam Larouche .259/26HR - gone to the White SoxIan Desmond .255/24HRDenard Span [...]