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Cincinnati Reds Hitters Review

by Coach Huber
Cincinnati Reds Review of Hitters 2014 Moneyball Hitter Magazine, Mike Huber Hitting Specialist. Coming to you from my cellar, reviewing the Cincinnati Reds 2014 Season because they are a cellar team. If I had any Cincinnati Reds blood in my veins, I'd be boiling over. If you are a Cincinnati Reds fan, you want to see this video review. I went over all the numbers. It's not like I follow the Cincinnati Reds but after going over all the offensive numbers, somebody should be pissed off. Nobody is hearing the truth. That is what happens with hitting coaches, they just [...]

Chicago Cubs 2014 Review

by Coach Huber
Chicago Cubs 2014 Review- Moneyball Hitter Magazine  Lead columnist and hitting specialist Mike Huber discusses the 2014-15 Chicago Cubs in this video. He discusses why the Cubs have gotten worse since general manager Epstein and Hoyer have come in and why this is happening. He also discusses the upside of the Chicago Cubs and why the Cubs Minor League system is giving them a fighting chance. In the end though, Theo Epstein and Hoyer are intelligent and know the Moneyball formula. What they have not figured out is that their hitting coaches cannot prepare their prospect hitters to fit the [...]
St. Louis Cardinals 2014 Season Review

St. Louis Cardinals 2014 Season Review

by Coach Huber
St. Louis Cardinals Team Review In this video, Lead columnist and Hitting Specialist Coach Mike Huber breaks down the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals Season. From an offensive standpoint he thinks they are in real trouble as they went from first to worst in scoring runs per game all in one year. Mike thinks this is a huge clue that something fishy is going on with the Cardinal hitting coaches and they tried to make some wholesale changes this past year, philosophically, and it backfired. Big time! Mike shares his views as to what he believe happened, how it can potentially get worse, [...]
MLB Cardinals AJ Pierzynski

MLB Cardinals – What has Changed?

by Coach Huber
MLB Cardinals 2014 Season vs Playoffs MLB Cardinals are hitting home runs and extra base hits like it is going out of style and very few recognize that this has not been the type of ball club they were this year, 2014. They were a base-hitting , low-scoring, 4-5 hit per game team who barely made the 2014 playoffs because of great pitching and defense. Before the 2014 playoffs began, Mike Matheny was quoted as saying that "all they need to do is keep doing what they were doing the whole year." My personal reaction to that was, "Are you crazy!?" [...]
St. Louis Cardinals 2014 MLB Playoffs

MLB Playoffs 2014 Cardinals Review

by Coach Huber
The St. Louis Cardinals are the closest thing to the NY Yankees of the National League. To put it bluntly, they just win and continue to win year in and year out. This year is there 4th year in a row where the Cardinals were division winners and they stake a claim to being a major impact in the MLB the past couple decades and in the history of baseball. It is no secret that the organization is built on class, character, and strategic and careful planning on building and keeping a winning roster year in and year out. The Cardinals [...]