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Toronto Blue Jays Review 2014-2015

Toronto Blue Jays .259/.414 ranked 7thScored 723 runs which is ranked 5th in the leagueMelky Cabrera .301/ 16 HRJose Bautista .286/35 HREdwin Encarnarcion .268/34HRNavarro .274/12 HRJose Reyes .287/ 9 HRFrancisco, Rasmussen, Lawrie hit around 15 HR but between .220-250The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the few teams who have been hitting better over the past three years. They have climbed the ranks form 23rd in the MLB to 9nth in the last few years. This is quite a big jump and when a team hits like this they are going to be a contender and last year was the [...]

Washington Nationals 2014-15 Review

Washington Nationals- Should be play- off bound again! -Washington Nationals Ranked 12th in MLB-Team batting average .253/ .393 slugging-Last 3 years they hovered around the same with really no improvements in their hitting.-Hitting and especially pitching was good enough to make play-offs last 2 of 3 years. Not quite a Moneyball Hitting team, but they are surrounded with the most talent in the league. The Washington Nationals hit far below their potential. Star Hitters for Washington Nationals Jason Worth .292/16 HRAnthony Rendon .287/21 HR Bryce Harper .273/13HRWilson Ramos .267/11HRAdam Larouche .259/26HR - gone to the White SoxIan Desmond .255/24HRDenard Span [...]

Oakland A’s 2014-15 Team Review

Oakland Athletics Review 2014 2014 Team batting and Slugging.244/381Ranked 21st in MLBThe Oakland A's are about to lose their reputation for Moneyball. This last year they dropped 10 points in their team batting average from the previous year and 40 points in slugging percentage. Their MLB offensive ranking went down 7 notches from 14 to 21. Moneyball is going down why? The famous formula is too well known and now there are a limited amount of players that fit the formula. Offensively, you want guys that can slug and get on base at the same time. This means their batting [...]

Boston Red Sox 2014-15 Team Review

Boston Red Sox- Is this the end if a great era? The Boston Red Sox have pretty much been a top 10 hitting team since the early 2000's and last year was their worst offensive output and team ranking for over a decade. The Red Sox have notably been affiliated with Moneyball and has used the formula preceding the Moneyball popularity. They even offered A's General Manager Billy Beane a job way back when out of respect for the formula and has been using the formula successfully ever since winning a World Series in 2007 and 2013. They even hired [...]

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2014-15 Team Review

Tampa Bay Devil Rays are not stinging the ball! 2014-15 Team Review Ranked 19nth in hitting.247 avg./ .367 slugging The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are the only team that does have a hitter who hit over .270 with 15  home runs. The usual MLB team at least has 2 and we have said that 4 is a preferable number to build a championship offense.The Rays only have 4 hitters that hit .250-.265 and above and around 10 homers. Evan Longeria is probably one of their better hitters but he only hit .253 with his 22 homers. Most of the line [...]