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New York Yankees 2014-15 Team Review

Can New York Yankees New Hitting Coaches Save the Yankees Line-up? Last year (2014) the New York Yankees ranked 20th out of 29 teams in the MLB in hitting. The NY Yankees only had one player in their line-up (Jacoby Ellbury) that hit over .270 and had more than 15 homers (and he is the mallets Ayer in the team). Only McCann and Texeira hit over 20 homers but their batting average as so low you can say they were both non existent. They hit a dismal .245 and only slugged .380. How can that happen with all that talent [...]

Texas Rangers 2014-15 Team Review

Texas Rangers in Review 2014-2015 Season Hitting Coach Dave Magadan Is entering his second season with the Texas Rangers after being hired on Oct. 19, 2012. Magadan, the club's fifth different hitting coach since the start of the 2009 campaign. This is the third different major league club he has coached. He was also hitting coach for the Red Sox (2007-12) and Padres (2003-June 15, 2006).This is a peculiar situation that we find with hitting coaches like Dave Magadan. As far as hitting coaches go he has been the "wrecking ball" to many talented teams. He started with the Padres [...]

Baltimore Orioles 2014-15 Team Review

Baltimore Orioles in Trouble without Nelson Cruz? Well the Baltimore Orioles have been a solid hitting ball club the last 2 years Baltimore Orioles have been in the top 10 in hitting. They are a homerun hitting team who are prone to slump a bit throughout the year and have issues with on base percentage. All in all, their power has made up for any weakness's and they were one playoff series away from going to the World Series. The O's hit .256/.422  which ranks them ninth in 2014. They are one of the few teams in the whole league who [...]

Seattle Mariners 2014-15 Team Review

Will Seattle Mariners Finally Hit this Year? Big pick up Nelson Cruz from Baltimore! 40 homers from Cruz last year and he is in his third year. Seattle Mariners need power terribly, but unfortunately even Cruz's power numbers will not be enough to get Seattle Mariners over the hump. The Seattle Mariners are that bad offensively and their hitting philosophy is so contact driven that even Robinson Cano lost 10 homers off his usual total. Will Cruz be able to resurrect a 23rd rank offense? Maybe a bit, but not enough to come even close to being a play-off team. [...]

Miami Marlins 2014-2015 Team Review

Problem with Miami Marlins Offensive The Miami Marlins have hovered near last to the middle of the pack in hitting the last 5 years and if it was not for Giancarlo Stanton they would not have ranked 15th this year. Well let's investigate. Former Hitting Coordinator and hitting coach for the near last place hitting Miami Marlins and Houston Astros last year, John Mallee was first promoted to the role of major league hitting coach of the Miami Marlins in June of 2013 after spending nine years as a minor league hitting instructor in the Marlins’ farm system. He was [...]