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How to Hit Your Way from Minor League to Major League

by Coach Huber
Want to Be in the Major League? Most Minor League players end their baseball career because they cannot hit. The Minor Leagues is a trap for hitters and Mike Huber, Lead Columnist and Hitting Specialist for Moneyball Hitter Magazine, tells the truth as to why hitters generally get worse in the Minors. If you are Minor League player and do not have a plan on how you will put up the numbers needed to make it to the Bigs than you will never make it! Here the plan here!  

Moneyball Formula Training Secrets

by Coach Huber
Moneyball Formula Training Moneyball formula compared to genius Steven Ma " The Ivy League Whisperer" What does Steven Ma and his "Think Tank" have in common with Moneyball Formula Training Secrets? As Mike Huber, lead columnist and hitting specialist of Moneyball Hitter Magazine explains it, there are certain prerequisites and variables a hitter has to meet in order to get the scholarship, play at the next level, and get the spotlight put on them. There are large amount of high school, college, minor, and even young major leaguers on the cusp. If you hit .between .250 -.300 and slug .350-.400 [...]