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New MLB 2015 Record – Most Shutouts in History!

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New MLB 2015 Record – Most Shutouts in History!

by Coach Huber

New MLB 2015 record - Most shutouts in History! Why is the happening?

Major League Baseball has another one for the record books. Within the first 37 games played in 2015, over a third of the games were recorded shutouts. Exactly 13 games out of the first 37 were shut outs. This has never happened in the history of MLB. The question is why is happening at this time?

If you have been regularly following our magazine and reading our articles and watching our videos then you will know we do research on the recent downward spiral of the MLB offenses in recent years. Last year was one of the worst hitting years for Major League Baseball since 1972, as teams batting averages and slugging percentages are at least 20-30 points down from the norm. Teams are not scoring runs and averaging only 5-6 hits a game.

So the fact that the MLB 2015 got off to a record breaking start with all the shutouts that are taking place is no surprise to us. If you are just learning about this trend of offenses going flat the last 5 years, your probably going to want to know why this happening.

In our research we dive in a lot of the behind the scenes causes of this. We know now after we reviewed all 29 teams and their offensive strategies, their hitting coaches, and the way they teach hitting, that the main problem is how hitting is being taught at the professional levels. The details of our finding are in most of the teams reviews, but we know that hitters are not reaching their potential because we have time tested a training formula trained in accordance to the swing thoughts of Ted Williams.

In the 20 year test over 100 different travel, high school, college, and professional teams were trained in the formula and their offensive numbers exploded over 50 points in both team batting averages and slugging percentages. The thing is that the methods used, in what we call the Moneyball Hitting Training Formula, are almost the exact opposite, in a lot of respects, of how professional batting coaches teach hitting.

Ted Williams Predicted it a Long Time Ago

In the early 1970's Ted Williams was quoted as saying that hitting will fall badly if hitting coaches keep teaching the way they do. He was right. The 1970's and even early 80's were weak decades of hitting until steroids made there way in the game. Now were are back at square one where hitting is weak again and most of the hitting coaches played in the 1970's and 80's.

Hitting at All Level are Down

Since most of the college and high school coaches learn from professional baseball coaches, the trend of hitting badly is trickling on down as the numbers are way down at these levels. Team batting averages and slugging numbers are down 30-50 points per team nationally on average. Coaches want to blame the BB Core bats and minor league coaches want to blame the wood bats for the hitting depression.

The fact is that hitters are learning different variations of hitting philosophies derived from using small muscles in the body, like starting the swing from their back knee or their hands. We know that these variations along with detailed swing reports and provided video swing analysis are not only not helping, but seem to making things worse.

Good News is that at least 10 MLB teams are keeping the MLB still interesting in 2015!

In our study of all the teams and why MLB is under the spell of a hitting depression, there about 10 of them that hit at a championship level that keep the league still interesting to watch. This leaves 19 other teams hitting way under their potential. So far in 2015 teams like the Dodgers, Tigers, Rockies, Giants, and A's are the only 5 teams out of 29 that are knocking the cover off the ball. The remaining teams are averaging well below .230. Even though this is a horrible start for the league, we know it will get better since the league average is about .253.

Really though, the league average should be between .265-270 like it once was when hitting was good back in the 1990's and early 2000's.   
Here at Moneyball Hitter Magazine we have noticed the decline, know why it happening, and even have the solutions on how to get out if it. The fact is that MLB Teams know about all of this and they are working extra hard on trying to fix it and develop players the right way.

The problem is the harder they try, the worse it gets. This includes the new 2 coach hitting system that all the MLB teams have been trying the last 5 years. As we watch MLB 2015 baseball frantically try to get out of this depression, we continue our research, probable predictions, and provide the answers that have been never taken seriously; even when Ted Willliams gave his warnings about what is happening a long time ago!

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

Hitting Specialist at Hubie Magic
Coach Mike Huber is one of only three men to be recognized by Ted Williams as a top hitter training specialist and baseball consultant. For the last 15 years, Mike has been using his own specialized hitting techniques to help hitters at all levels reach their fullest potential. Learn more about Coach Huber by visiting: HubieMagic.com
Coach Huber
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