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Now is the Time for Hitters


Now is the Time for Hitters

by Coach Huber

Attention Hitters at Levels! Hitting is at it's all time worst! Now is the time to Strike!

Hi this is Mike Huber from Moneyballl Hitter Magazine. I am a Team Hitting Specialist and Lead Columnist for the magazine. Today were talking about...and I want to address this to the high school, college, minor league, major league hitters, or any hitter who realizes that now as we speak, hitting is at its all-time worst at the major league level, minor league level, collegiate level and at the high school level which is not doing very well with the BBCor bats.
At all levels the power numbers are down, batting averages are down, and my message to you is that, "Now is your time to strike!" I am not talking strike-out like most hitters are right now. Now is your time to learn the right types of techniques as to how to use your body how to drive the baseball with these new BBcor Bats and a wood bat. Learning the right types of techniques is important because as we discussed in at this magazine, Moneyball Hitter Magazine, that hitting is down mostly because of what they're teaching at the major-league level on down to the minor-league level.
It is also happening at the college level and in the high school level; also what's going on is hitters are being taught to lead the swing with their hands or their knees and sometimes the shoulders. Learning how to hit like a situational hitter, hit defensively like emphasized 2 strike hitting approaches, or just making contact to move runners is not going to help you learn how to drive the ball and make more consistent contact at the same time. Now is your time to strike since hitting is so down right now.

You are 50 Points Under Your Potential

The minor league average is under .250 and below three home runs a guy. Major leagues averages are around 250 and probably about five home runs .College hitters average under three home runs and are bit above the .260 mark. So do you want to fall in those categories and act like you are really contributing to the team or do you want to really learn some techniques that will help you shine? I want you to know, that you high school, college, and minor-league players... that you are 50 points under your potential as a slugger and in your batting average also. So if you were a 250 hitter with three home runs, you are well capable of being a 300 hitter, hitting 15 home runs which would make you somebody that the major-league scouts would actually look at.

Okay so this is what we have found.

We really believe in human potential and we have we found the techniques that gets a hitter way above where his Hitting DNA is. As a hitter, you need to put up numbers and now is the time to do it because there is only about 5% to 10% of the hitters out there putting up the right types of numbers to get to the next level. They are either very, very skilled and very athletic and/or they had the right techniques polished into their swing. Only about 1% to 5% of the hitters out there, know the right types of techniques in order to hit for higher averages and slugging percentage at the same time.
We hear at Moneyball Hitter Magazine are releasing the secrets to all these techniques were talking about which will help hitters learn how to hit for power on the outside, middle, and inside pitch. Also you can learn the secrets on how to lift the lower strike. Hitting the ball for power is key and hitters who learn to not change their swing and use the right type of large hitting muscles that are keeping you under control and still powerful at the same time is essential. Keeping a powerful and controlled swing for the rest of your career can be done!
Learning how to keep that swing is very difficult for hitters to do because they're learning so many different types of philosophies and different types of situational-type or defensive-type of hitting. This causes your muscles to get confused; so while everybody else is learning all that crap, you must realize that hitting is at its all-time worst and NOW is your time to strike!

What You Have Been Learning is Holding You Back

We here at Moneyball can help you become a Moneyball hitter. We have instructional videos, we do consultations remotely, we do tuneups, and live private lessons. The methods are really quite simple as you learn to break all the rest of the habits that you learned from other instructors and coaches from the minor leagues, high school, or college. You need to know that why that what you have been learning is holding you down. Now is the time to strike!
You could be just an average hitter and become the star hitter on your team; or be the star and become the superstar. Maybe your the below average hitter on your team, like the nine hitter, and become the five or the six hitter by learning these techniques. Now is the time for hitters to strike! Everybody's going to small ball and defense type hitting right now because of the BBCor bats and the fact that baseball is in an hitting slump. What are you going to do? Fall in line or rise above and take advantage of this time in baseball where good hitting is very rare.

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

Hitting Specialist at Hubie Magic
Coach Mike Huber is one of only three men to be recognized by Ted Williams as a top hitter training specialist and baseball consultant. For the last 15 years, Mike has been using his own specialized hitting techniques to help hitters at all levels reach their fullest potential. Learn more about Coach Huber by visiting: HubieMagic.com
Coach Huber
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