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NY Mets MLB Surprise Team in Spring Training


NY Mets MLB Surprise Team in Spring Training

by Coach Huber

Spring Training Report
MLB surprise team- NY Mets
Biggest disappointment- NY Yankees

NY Mets and Yankees grabbed the headlines this spring training and there is an extreme amount of pressure on both teams right now. The Mets have established themselves this spring training 2015 as one of the better hitting teams in the MLB. They are ranked third overall and are tops in slugging percentages and home runs. The Yankees, on the other hand are bottom feeders offensively this spring. They are hitting a mere .241 as a team and are amongst the lowest in home runs and slugging percentages.

So what is really going on between NY Mets & NY Yankees right now?

Both the Mets and the Yankees over the past years have experienced problems with their offense that have held both teams back from fully reaching their potential. We know the Yankees have the talent, but simply have not been producing over the last 5 years; especially at the plate. For this reason the Yankees have gotten rid of their hitting coach Kevin Long who we have said is mostly responsible for the Yankee downfall offensively over the years. As a matter of fact, in our team review of the Yankees we have predicted that the Yankees confidence is in so much turmoil that it is going to take years till they get back on their feet; even with Jeff Pentland and Alan Cockrell coming in as hitting coaches this year.

NY Mets Loaded with Talent

The NY Mets struggles in recent years have been a mystery because they are loaded with talent. Most notably, David Wright, Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer and John Mayberry, Jr. have all had very good springs this year. Cuddyer and Mayberry are slated to be impact players in 2015. Outfielders Lagares and Kirk Nieuwenhuis are also having a great spring and are legitimate talents. Even the young infielders like Matt Reynolds and Wilmer Flores are hitting above .340 this spring. Why this team has not been able to hit over the last 5 years I do not know (they did fire Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens who could not get them to hit. Read more details http://moneyballhitter.com/new-york-mets-2014-2015-team-review/).

Simply put though, the NY Mets look fresh and being one of the top hitting teams in Spring Training may be something not to get excited about, but they are leading the league in slugging too! This means there is something there for the Mets offensively and all new hitting coach Kevin Long has to do is get out of their way!

Unfortunately that is not what Kevin Long does. He likes to get involved and try to fix things. When he does this, he has proven to make things worse. Just ask the Yankees! (Read more http://moneyballhitter.com/new-york-yankees-2014-15-team-review/). There is no way that the Mets with all their talent, depth, and experience should be near last in hitting this year again. Watching them this spring, they look relaxed and are sitting back and effectively swinging with the slight upswing that Ted Williams always talks about.

The thing is Kevin Long does not teach that type of swing (nor did Hudgens) and if he decides to incorporate his philosophies slowly with the Mets, than the Mets hitters ( like the Yankees hitters) will become confused. The Mets and Kevin Long are a strange relationship pairing. Right now, the talent of the Mets and the front offices ability to sign the right player makes Long look good right now in spring training.

NY Mets 2015 Season Prediction

My prediction is the Mets should out hit the Yankees by at least 30 points this year. Sometimes there is not much credence in what Spring Training can tell you. In this instance, I think there is tell tailing sign. Kevin Long is the key. He was part of the demise of the Yankees. Seems like he is  in a much better situation with the Mets, but how involved will he get and will he learn his lesson from what happen with the Yankees?

Coach Huber
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