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Ball Exit Speed Debate

by fastballusa
Is ball exit speed important? Scout day arrives and one of the stations set up is a tee station that will measure ball exit speed. If on scout day there is a measurement that measures ball exit speed off a batting tee then why isn’t this measurement worked on more often? Many players arrive at scout day or at college showcase events having not worked on exit speed all year but arrive hoping they achieve a great number.  The real question the becomes is ball exit speed a significant measurement or simply a waste of time for coaches and players? [...]

Fear of Being Average Hitter

by Coach Huber
Do you feel fear of being a average hitter? If you have a fear of being an average hitter, it is the one thing that is holding you back to finding the right answers to improve. For most baseball players, to keep their head above water during their career, they have to learn to accept how good or no so good of a hitter they are. Most hitters at every level are average at best, which means their are a large percentage of hitters out there who have felt the feeling of guilt and fear of being a mediocre hitter.Here at Moneyball [...]

Why One Hand Hitting Drills Don’t Work

by Coach Huber
One Hand Hitting Drills- Why they do not work! Today I want to talk about some hitting drills that I specifically do not like and some specific ones today called the "one hand hitting drill" that seems to be very popular and is not helping hitters. First of all if your team or your a coach or individual and you are doing one hand hitting drills then I bet you cannot give me a legitimate report on how your team did offensively while practicing one hand swings.   Lead arm or back arm drills are not doing you any good. Those who do not know [...]

Best Baseball Players Aren’t Coachable

by fastballusa
Proof that the Best Baseball Players Don't Listen to Their Coaches Thanks to Randy Sullivan(The Armory Pitching Academy - Florida) for reminding me of this in his newsletter this morning.   As I listened to Dr. Frans Bosch last month at Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch I was amazed how his concepts were quite the opposite of what most of us know about teaching a sport.  Are you coachable? "Over 300 studies in motor learning have found that the best performers are the ones that don’t listen to their coach. The body shows remarkably little interest in what the coach has to [...]

Why Coaches Need to Shut Up!

by fastballusa
Coaches: Stop Talking So Much and Start Training Your Athletes -  It’s amazing how much technical information and advanced technology is out there in order to help coaches train our players become better hitters and better baseball players. When you think about it, the technology that exists along with the information that is available should also then be making our athletes the greatest hitters and baseball players of all time.     Why isn’t all this great information producing the best results we have ever seen? Why is professional baseball filled with non U.S. Born players most of which who don't have access to [...]