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Best Baseball Players Aren’t Coachable

by fastballusa
Proof that the Best Baseball Players Don't Listen to Their Coaches Thanks to Randy Sullivan(The Armory Pitching Academy - Florida) for reminding me of this in his newsletter this morning.   As I listened to Dr. Frans Bosch last month at Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch I was amazed how his concepts were quite the opposite of what most of us know about teaching a sport.  Are you coachable? "Over 300 studies in motor learning have found that the best performers are the ones that don’t listen to their coach. The body shows remarkably little interest in what the coach has to [...]

Why Coaches Need to Shut Up!

by fastballusa
Coaches: Stop Talking So Much and Start Training Your Athletes -  It’s amazing how much technical information and advanced technology is out there in order to help coaches train our players become better hitters and better baseball players. When you think about it, the technology that exists along with the information that is available should also then be making our athletes the greatest hitters and baseball players of all time.     Why isn’t all this great information producing the best results we have ever seen? Why is professional baseball filled with non U.S. Born players most of which who don't have access to [...]
Baseball Power Development

Baseball Power Development

by fastballusa
I thought I would share with you my recent experience talking to a travel organization about Baseball Power Development. "Development" is a word that get's thrown around a lot in the baseball circles and often really means nothing other than looking prettier.     Most of the 70 plus players said they take private lessons and had done at least 1 baseball camp in their lives. A lot of these players claim to have taken close to a hundred lessons in the past few years. The coaches of the organization wanted to me to come in to speak with the [...]

Preventing Shoulder Injury

Preventing Shoulder Injury in Baseball Preventing shoulder injury in all sports is of high concern among athletes. Strength training is excessive in most sports, from baseball little league to volleyball, tennis and golf. Repetitive, overhead movements can injure shoulders over time, shortening the length of time an athlete can adequately participate in their sport. In this article, Dr. John Rusin helps baseball players and other overhead athletes understand the importance of preventing should injury. It’s a new day and age in the world of high-level athletic performance and development. Over the last decade, athletes in nearly every sport have become [...]