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Hitter on Schedule for Greatness

by Coach Huber
How do you know your on schedule for greatness as a hitter? This is quite the question that only a ball player who looks forward to a bright future would ask and I would ask all of you who read this article to really contemplate this question. Obviously a natural ball player who is super gifted has a better chance than the rest; but even the super gifted hit cross roads that put their career to a screeching halt. So in this article I am going to give you the ultimate guide to give you a clue if you are [...]

Winning Approach During BBCOR Era

A Winning Approach During the BBCOR Era As coaches, we have all see hitters who overachieve and underachieve their mechanics and physical abilities at the plate.  We cannot, for the life of us, figure out why the kid who absolutely crushes the ball in the cage, has solid mechanics, and a quick bat hits 50 points lower than the kid who looks far less impressive in the cage, has slower hands, and questionable mechanics.  If this is the case, look no further than pitch selection and plate approach. We often hear coaches reminding players to have a proper approach at [...]

Fear of Being Average Hitter

by Coach Huber
Do you feel fear of being a average hitter? If you have a fear of being an average hitter, it is the one thing that is holding you back to finding the right answers to improve. For most baseball players, to keep their head above water during their career, they have to learn to accept how good or no so good of a hitter they are. Most hitters at every level are average at best, which means their are a large percentage of hitters out there who have felt the feeling of guilt and fear of being a mediocre hitter.Here at Moneyball [...]
yoga for baseball

Yoga for Baseball Fitness

The Forgotten Aspect of Baseball Fitness Fitness for baseball is very different from most other sports. The nature of baseball is one where the body is at rest for an extended period of time, then needs to work in quick bursts.  The movements are either split second rotational movements, straight line sprinting, or random change of direction athletic movements.  The traditional weightlifting programs that other sports use will help baseball players build overall strength, but many of those programs do not specifically address the movement needs of baseball players. Much of the rotational power pitchers and hitters are able to [...]

Why Hitting a Baseball is Getting Harder

by Coach Huber
Why is Hitting Getting Harder? Too Much Information! Hittting at the MLB level on down is at it 's worst since 1972. What is the number one reason? Mike Huber, Lead Columnist and Team Hitting Specialist tells you why hitters cannot hit naturally and how they are over trained and misinformed on how to truly hit to their potential!