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Learn Moneyball Hitting Formula

by Coach Huber
NEW! Now anyone can learn the Moneyball Hitting Formula, guaranteed to increase power and numbers in a short time. Moneyball Hitting Instruction now on video download. Moneyball Hitter Video Training Series 2014- Hitting Specialist Mike Huber With bonus tips on how to QUICKLY correct Bad Habits! ORDER IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS AND GET A FREE SWING ANALYSIS     http://moneyballhitter.ecwid.com/#!/Moneyball-Hitter-Training-Videos-2014/p/45476031/category=0 This professionally made video series reveals all the secrets on how hitting specialist, Mike Huber, gets hitters at all levels to quickly hit for extraordinary more power while increasing their batting average simultaneously. You will get to witness the simplicity and explosiveness of [...]

Which Hitter Type are You?

by Coach Huber
Great Googly Moogly! You could be Hitter Type A or B. Choose your path but don't be shocked at the results. Hitter Type A - Hitter practice lessons focus on looking pretty with zero objective feedback during hitter training practice Receives very little visual feedback on how exactly a elite pitcher or hitter really looks on video Hitter practices with goals that are very vague. When you ask him questions about progress the answers are usually not very detailed. How did you do today? Ok - I guess. Attends a private lesson and put's in a little bit of work outside [...]