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Hitter on Schedule for Greatness

by Coach Huber
How do you know your on schedule for greatness as a hitter? This is quite the question that only a ball player who looks forward to a bright future would ask and I would ask all of you who read this article to really contemplate this question. Obviously a natural ball player who is super gifted has a better chance than the rest; but even the super gifted hit cross roads that put their career to a screeching halt. So in this article I am going to give you the ultimate guide to give you a clue if you are [...]
Mike Trout MLB MVP Moneyball Hitter

MLB MVP Mike Trout is a Moneyball Hitter!

by Coach Huber
Mike Trout 2014 MVP Mike Huber, lead columnist and team hitting specialist for Moneyball Hitter Magazine discusses the difficulties of keeping the consistency of a hitters swing for a whole season. Mike Trout is only 23 years old and can hold his swing together better than most veterans. How does Mike Trout

Which Hitter Type are You?

by Coach Huber
Great Googly Moogly! You could be Hitter Type A or B. Choose your path but don't be shocked at the results. Hitter Type A - Hitter practice lessons focus on looking pretty with zero objective feedback during hitter training practice Receives very little visual feedback on how exactly a elite pitcher or hitter really looks on video Hitter practices with goals that are very vague. When you ask him questions about progress the answers are usually not very detailed. How did you do today? Ok - I guess. Attends a private lesson and put's in a little bit of work outside [...]

Two Types of Coach

There are two types of coach that you, as a hitter, will come across when you play on different teams, and that is the coach who could care less how you hit as long as you are productive; or the coach who makes you hit his way no matter what the circumstance. Which type of coach would you like to be involved with and would give you a better chance to evolve as a hitter? Type 1: The Defense-Focused Coach Most would choose the first as the coach who does not care usually focuses on pitching and defense and will just find the best [...]

Cubs: Kris Bryant Review

by Coach Huber
Rarely will you find a hitter like Kris Bryant coming up folks. Even more rare is how he explains his approach in this article. Only about 5 percent of the hitters out in baseball have an approach like this. This article is the sole reason for my business and why I try to educate so many people who really want to learn next level hitting.   The approach that Kris Bryant takes part in is usually not lower in the minor leagues but he and his father have been using the approach since Kris Bryant of the Cubs was little. Basically, [...]