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New York Yankees 2014-15 Team Review

Can New York Yankees New Hitting Coaches Save the Yankees Line-up? Last year (2014) the New York Yankees ranked 20th out of 29 teams in the MLB in hitting. The NY Yankees only had one player in their line-up (Jacoby Ellbury) that hit over .270 and had more than 15 homers (and he is the mallets Ayer in the team). Only McCann and Texeira hit over 20 homers but their batting average as so low you can say they were both non existent. They hit a dismal .245 and only slugged .380. How can that happen with all that talent [...]

Baltimore Orioles 2014-15 Team Review

Baltimore Orioles in Trouble without Nelson Cruz? Well the Baltimore Orioles have been a solid hitting ball club the last 2 years Baltimore Orioles have been in the top 10 in hitting. They are a homerun hitting team who are prone to slump a bit throughout the year and have issues with on base percentage. All in all, their power has made up for any weakness's and they were one playoff series away from going to the World Series. The O's hit .256/.422  which ranks them ninth in 2014. They are one of the few teams in the whole league who [...]

New York Mets 2014-2015 Team Review

NY Mets Team Review 2014-15 Season Prediction The New York Mets hit .239 and slugged .364 in 2014 and ended up 28th in the league. Prior to that the Mets were 19th the last 2 years. So they have been on the decline and it cannot get to much worst for the NY Mets as they are at the bottom of the barrel. The past 4 years, Dave Hudgens was the hitting coach for the New York Mets. Hudgens, is a duly noted guru in the baseball community who is highly tauted for his prowess in hitting. He has had onE [...]

Arizona Diamondbacks 2014 Team Review

Hitting Specialist Mike Huber Reviews Arizona Diamondbacks 2014 Season The 2014-15 Arizona Diamondbacks play in one of the hardest divisions in baseball in the National League West. In order to compete in this division they must realize that 2 of the top 10 hitting teams in the league are in their division (Los Angels Dodgers and San Francisco Giants). The Arizona Diamondbacks lack power in their line-up and have not substantiated but one star hitter in their line-up. The good thing is that they do have the talent on their hitting roster to make a difference, but the players that [...]

Minnesota Twins 2014 Review

If the Minnesota Twins Hit Like Paul Moliter They Have a Chance! New manager Paul Molitor is perhaps one of the greatest right handed hitters to play the game. He is a career.303 hitter and one of the few players to have over 3000 hits. He was a Moneyball hitter because he could hit for power and average while having a good eye at the plate. In my analysis of the Minnesota Twins hitters, they have more of a tendency to keep their hands down near the armpit like Molitor did in his day. This is one of the reasons [...]