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Texas Rangers 2014-15 Team Review

Texas Rangers in Review 2014-2015 Season Hitting Coach Dave Magadan Is entering his second season with the Texas Rangers after being hired on Oct. 19, 2012. Magadan, the club's fifth different hitting coach since the start of the 2009 campaign. This is the third different major league club he has coached. He was also hitting coach for the Red Sox (2007-12) and Padres (2003-June 15, 2006).This is a peculiar situation that we find with hitting coaches like Dave Magadan. As far as hitting coaches go he has been the "wrecking ball" to many talented teams. He started with the Padres [...]

Cincinnati Reds Hitters Review

by Coach Huber
Cincinnati Reds Review of Hitters 2014 Moneyball Hitter Magazine, Mike Huber Hitting Specialist. Coming to you from my cellar, reviewing the Cincinnati Reds 2014 Season because they are a cellar team. If I had any Cincinnati Reds blood in my veins, I'd be boiling over. If you are a Cincinnati Reds fan, you want to see this video review. I went over all the numbers. It's not like I follow the Cincinnati Reds but after going over all the offensive numbers, somebody should be pissed off. Nobody is hearing the truth. That is what happens with hitting coaches, they just [...]
Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long

Hitting Coaches vs Offensive Coordinators

by Coach Huber
Who gets more respect and direction from their players between these two positions and why? Offensive coordinators in most any sport are highly sought after jobs and it requires a real guru coach to be able to put together a system based on philosophy, strategy, personnel, and constant game time counter moves. Offensive coordinators are of high intellect, well respected around the league by coaches and players and are real strategic problem solvers. A large percent of them are successful and most keep their jobs for extended periods of time and do not have too many problems finding jobs around the [...]