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Learn Moneyball Hitting Formula

by Coach Huber
NEW! Now anyone can learn the Moneyball Hitting Formula, guaranteed to increase power and numbers in a short time. Moneyball Hitting Instruction now on video download. Moneyball Hitter Video Training Series 2014- Hitting Specialist Mike Huber With bonus tips on how to QUICKLY correct Bad Habits! ORDER IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS AND GET A FREE SWING ANALYSIS     http://moneyballhitter.ecwid.com/#!/Moneyball-Hitter-Training-Videos-2014/p/45476031/category=0 This professionally made video series reveals all the secrets on how hitting specialist, Mike Huber, gets hitters at all levels to quickly hit for extraordinary more power while increasing their batting average simultaneously. You will get to witness the simplicity and explosiveness of [...]

Winning Approach During BBCOR Era

A Winning Approach During the BBCOR Era As coaches, we have all see hitters who overachieve and underachieve their mechanics and physical abilities at the plate.  We cannot, for the life of us, figure out why the kid who absolutely crushes the ball in the cage, has solid mechanics, and a quick bat hits 50 points lower than the kid who looks far less impressive in the cage, has slower hands, and questionable mechanics.  If this is the case, look no further than pitch selection and plate approach. We often hear coaches reminding players to have a proper approach at [...]

Exercises for Increased Rotation & Cooridination

by Teri
SIDE TO SIDE EXERCISE FOR ROTATION & COORDINATION Hi, David Weck here. I'm going to be teaching you an RMT Club exercise called the Double Club Side-to-Side Swing. Here's what it looks like:   I'm going to be stepping back in a lunge, bringing the clubs to either side in a counter rotational movement. This exercise is awesome for helping your ability to counter rotate with better strength, integrity, balance, coordination and symmetry. It's really the seat of better running, throwing, hitting, and any kind of motion where you're going to have to be using that thoracic spine, rooting through [...]

Philadelphia Phillies 2014-15 Team Review

We should all feel sorry for new coach Rhyne Sandburg! Here is why! The Philadelphia Phillies ranked 23rd in hitting last year with a .242 team batting average and .363 slugging. Considering all the talent they have on the team including Utley, Howard, Rollins, and Marlin Bryd they could not tie a consistent offensive attack together for most of the season.Utley, Rollins, and Howard had off years where their power numbers fell dramatically along with their personal batting averages. Sure we know injuries played a part, but this excuse is being used with nearly all the teams now. Hitting coaches [...]

Los Angeles Dodgers 2014 Team Review

Los Angeles Dodgers Review 2014 Season The Los Angeles Dodgers have been a Moneyball Hitting team for the last three years and have made the play-offs the last three years. Hitting coach and Hall of Fame hitter Mark McGwire is helping keep the talented players together and getting the most out of them like he did with the Cardinals. McGuire brings a down to earth superstar energy to the team that is much needed to balance out the firery Don Mattingly and unpredictable Yosiel Puig. The Dodgers are getting the players and are doing their job as far as getting [...]