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Attention Cubs fans! NL Central is there for the taking!

by Coach Huber
Attention Cubs fans! NL Central is there for the taking! Learn why this really could be the Cubs year! In our MLB Team Reviews we had the Cubs making a push to be a better team, but not making the play-offs. A lot has changed that we would have never would have thought that is giving the Cubs a real chance at winning this division. There are many open roads opening up for the Cubs that is going to give them a legitimate shot this year. What are they? First the NL Central is weaker than we thought it was [...]

Chicago Cubs 2014 Review

by Coach Huber
Chicago Cubs 2014 Review- Moneyball Hitter Magazine  Lead columnist and hitting specialist Mike Huber discusses the 2014-15 Chicago Cubs in this video. He discusses why the Cubs have gotten worse since general manager Epstein and Hoyer have come in and why this is happening. He also discusses the upside of the Chicago Cubs and why the Cubs Minor League system is giving them a fighting chance. In the end though, Theo Epstein and Hoyer are intelligent and know the Moneyball formula. What they have not figured out is that their hitting coaches cannot prepare their prospect hitters to fit the [...]

Cubs: Kris Bryant Review

by Coach Huber
Rarely will you find a hitter like Kris Bryant coming up folks. Even more rare is how he explains his approach in this article. Only about 5 percent of the hitters out in baseball have an approach like this. This article is the sole reason for my business and why I try to educate so many people who really want to learn next level hitting.   The approach that Kris Bryant takes part in is usually not lower in the minor leagues but he and his father have been using the approach since Kris Bryant of the Cubs was little. Basically, [...]