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Should Lorenzo Cain be Worried?

by Coach Huber
Can KC Royals Lorenzo Cain become a superstar hitter when he hits one of the worst batting practices? Lorenzo Cain is one of the most athletic players in the league, but last year was his best year as a minor and major league pro. He hit .300 with 5 homers last year and now he is being touted as one of the up and coming stars. Really though, we think his best year  may be behind him in years to come Why? His batting practice is pretty bad!   Here you see Lorenzo Cain hitting batting practice. In batting practice he [...]
World Series Royals

2014 World Series Game 2 Royals

by Coach Huber
The Kansas City Royals knew that game 2 could have been the deciding game because it seemed like they came out flat in game one. I had predicted the Giants would come out stronger because of the long lay off the Royals had since their last game. I gave the Royals a chance because the next three starting pitchers had losing records for the Giants. The Royals sure took advantage of that as their hitters were just comfortably sitting back on the Giants pitching tonight and put on a good slug fest. Royals hitters were impressive up and down the line-up [...]