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Mets Curtis Granderson Review

Curtis Granderson Review

by Coach Huber
Curtis Granderson Super star out fielder, Curtis Granderson, of the Mets, formerly New York Yankees and had quite a career with the Detroit Tigers as one of their better left-handed hitters in pro baseball. With the Yankees, Curtis Granderson has been benched and a decision has been made by Joe Giradi and hitting coach Kevin Long to re-work Granderson’s swing during the season to get him back to form. Curtis Granderson has consistently been an over 30 home run player in the major leagues and his batting average has always been well over the norm. It seems that Granderson has [...]
coaching hurts hitters

5 Common Cues that Hurt Major League Hitters

by Coach Huber
Major League Hitters are the worst since 1972! That's right; Today, major league hitters get less hits, have limited power, and earn fewer runs than they did in 1972! The question is, "Is this just a phenomena or does blame go somewhere?" It is obvious we are officially out of the performance enhancing era and now major league hitters have to hit more on natural skill set. Well if you pay attention closely, major league hitters have always been very impressive, especially now a days. The game is even more international and the MLB is full of the best hitters in the world rather than [...]

Two Types of Coach

There are two types of coach that you, as a hitter, will come across when you play on different teams, and that is the coach who could care less how you hit as long as you are productive; or the coach who makes you hit his way no matter what the circumstance. Which type of coach would you like to be involved with and would give you a better chance to evolve as a hitter? Type 1: The Defense-Focused Coach Most would choose the first as the coach who does not care usually focuses on pitching and defense and will just find the best [...]
Hitting Vampires

Help Put an End to Hitting Vampires

by fastballusa
This is a picture of me, Mike Ryan circa 1997 You may not recognize me but I was one of those coaches who was acting like a hitting vampire. I taught things like, head still, squash the bug, less movement is better, and sucked the natural athleticism out of hitters. I was a hitting vampire and a coaching vampire.    I was Killing hitters ability to hit harder and farther. I was stuck on trying to make hitters simply Look better. Just like most coaches today I was more interested in creating a pretty swing. Flash Forward To October 2014! Something [...]