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Best Baseball Players Aren’t Coachable

by fastballusa
Proof that the Best Baseball Players Don't Listen to Their Coaches Thanks to Randy Sullivan(The Armory Pitching Academy - Florida) for reminding me of this in his newsletter this morning.   As I listened to Dr. Frans Bosch last month at Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch I was amazed how his concepts were quite the opposite of what most of us know about teaching a sport.  Are you coachable? "Over 300 studies in motor learning have found that the best performers are the ones that don’t listen to their coach. The body shows remarkably little interest in what the coach has to [...]

Arizona Diamondbacks 2014 Team Review

Hitting Specialist Mike Huber Reviews Arizona Diamondbacks 2014 Season The 2014-15 Arizona Diamondbacks play in one of the hardest divisions in baseball in the National League West. In order to compete in this division they must realize that 2 of the top 10 hitting teams in the league are in their division (Los Angels Dodgers and San Francisco Giants). The Arizona Diamondbacks lack power in their line-up and have not substantiated but one star hitter in their line-up. The good thing is that they do have the talent on their hitting roster to make a difference, but the players that [...]

Los Angeles Dodgers 2014 Team Review

Los Angeles Dodgers Review 2014 Season The Los Angeles Dodgers have been a Moneyball Hitting team for the last three years and have made the play-offs the last three years. Hitting coach and Hall of Fame hitter Mark McGwire is helping keep the talented players together and getting the most out of them like he did with the Cardinals. McGuire brings a down to earth superstar energy to the team that is much needed to balance out the firery Don Mattingly and unpredictable Yosiel Puig. The Dodgers are getting the players and are doing their job as far as getting [...]
Kansas City Royals Team Review 2014

Kansas City Royals Team Review 2014

Kansas City Royals and Moneyball Hitting Formula The Kansas City Royals went a different route to the Moneyball hitting formula than most championship teams. They had 8 hitters in the line-up that were not star hitters but they were all good role players. The Moneyball hitting formula states that you need at least 4 star hitters in the line-up and 4 role players. The Royals had 8 good hitting Royals players during the 2014 season which ranked them 4th in hitting in 2014. Good enough to squeeze into the 2014 playoffs until the hitters exploded in the 2014 playoffs and [...]

Detroit Tigers 2014 Review

Ultimate Moneyball Hitting Team! Detroit Tigers! Number 1 in Hitting 2014 Look at this Grand Slam video of Detroit Tigers hitters. Does all their swings look familiar? What do they all do well? What are their tendencies and consistencies? Are they linear or rotational? How about their set up? Do they learn from one another? How much emulation is going on?