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Now is the Time for Hitters

by Coach Huber
Attention Hitters at Levels! Hitting is at it's all time worst! Now is the time to Strike! Hi this is Mike Huber from Moneyballl Hitter Magazine. I am a Team Hitting Specialist and Lead Columnist for the magazine. Today were talking about...and I want to address this to the high school, college, minor league, major league hitters, or any hitter who realizes that now as we speak, hitting is at its all-time worst at the major league level, minor league level, collegiate level and at the high school level which is not doing very well with the BBCor bats.   [...]

Cubs: Kris Bryant Review

by Coach Huber
Rarely will you find a hitter like Kris Bryant coming up folks. Even more rare is how he explains his approach in this article. Only about 5 percent of the hitters out in baseball have an approach like this. This article is the sole reason for my business and why I try to educate so many people who really want to learn next level hitting.   The approach that Kris Bryant takes part in is usually not lower in the minor leagues but he and his father have been using the approach since Kris Bryant of the Cubs was little. Basically, [...]

Rotational Hitting vs Linear Hitting

by Coach Huber
Rotational Hitting or Linear Hitting? As a hitting coach who has done millions of lessons for over 20 years, I choose to teach rotational hitting over linear hitting. Why? Because you have the capability to hit for power with rotational hitting. Next level hitters can hit for power more consistently than the rest and teaching linear hitting does not give most the opportunity to learn power hitting. So as a father, I would teach my kid to hit as far as he can as often as he can and then eventually learn more balance and contact hitting later. To me, the [...]