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MLB 2014 Reviews 2015 Predictions 30 MLB Teams Playlist

by Coach Huber
Hitting Specialist Mike Huber Hosts all 30 MLB 2014 Season reviews along with his 2015 season predictions here on Moneyball Hitter Magazine
Giants Review

Giants: Posey, Sandoval, Ishikwa

by Coach Huber
Pay Close Attention to the Swing  The San Francisco Giants are officially a dynasty and now it is time to put them on the watch list and learn. Offensively they are more than adequate and were ranked in the top 15 in hitting this year. They have hit well in the playoffs also.  They are tops in the National League and have predominately out slugged their opponents when it comes to extra base hits (although the Cardinals went neck and neck with them). The thing to watch for is that the majority of their hitters swing up hill and are [...]