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Truth About Baseball Power

by fastballusa
While you drink your coffee this morning I figured I would share with you..... The Truth About Baseball Power  This one is for those who want to play baseball at higher levels. This one is for those who play multiple sports.  This one is for those who specialize in just baseball.   4 Reasons why many can't throw, hit, or run faster.  Plus Common Sense Truth about playing multiple sports or specializing in baseball only.  Baseball Power - What is it? The explosive athlete must be able to move their own body weight.  In fact the easier it is to [...]
Rotational Movement Training Weck Method

Rotational Movement Training

WHAT IS ROTATIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING® (RMT)? Rotation is the most fundamental component of movement. It takes place in all 3 planes of motion not just the Transverse plane. Watch as David Weck explains the two key elements of Rotational Movement Training and how it applies to your overall training. We're getting a lot of questions about Rotational Movement Training. People are asking what is RMT? So I want to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what Rotational Movement Training® or RMT® is. So there's two key elements to Rotational Movement Training®. The first one is to create [...]

Preventing Shoulder Injury

Preventing Shoulder Injury in Baseball Preventing shoulder injury in all sports is of high concern among athletes. Strength training is excessive in most sports, from baseball little league to volleyball, tennis and golf. Repetitive, overhead movements can injure shoulders over time, shortening the length of time an athlete can adequately participate in their sport. In this article, Dr. John Rusin helps baseball players and other overhead athletes understand the importance of preventing should injury. It’s a new day and age in the world of high-level athletic performance and development. Over the last decade, athletes in nearly every sport have become [...]

Baseball Power: Get Scouts to Notice You

by fastballusa
Speed and Power Will Be The Key To Standing Out! The higher the level the faster the game. This contact stuff and hitting singles only works for so long. This "just throw strikes" stuff might be the end. If you lack a power bat or power arm that's a huge step to NOT getting noticed.   If you want to stand out to scouts you better hit harder and throw faster than everyone else. Most are shocked to see how many players are throwing mid 80's and hitting ball exit speed in the mid 80's.   My specialty is baseball [...]