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Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton $3M Swing

by fastballusa
Giancarlo Stanton 300 Million Dollar Swing The contract that Giancarlo Stanton is about to receive trumps all contracts. The Explosive Hitting System emphasizes two major areas....A. Hit the ball harder B. Hit the ball with good flight How does Giancarlo Stanton Accomplish Hitting Hard with good flight? Here are a few questions....... # 1 Does Stanton Push his hands in his swing or pull them? # 2 Does Stanton get extended long enough to create room for timing errors? # 3 Does Stanton Walk Away from his back foot or simply sit over his back foot? Stanton 300 Million Dollar Swing Part [...]
Mike Trout MLB MVP Moneyball Hitter

MLB MVP Mike Trout is a Moneyball Hitter!

by Coach Huber
Mike Trout 2014 MVP Mike Huber, lead columnist and team hitting specialist for Moneyball Hitter Magazine discusses the difficulties of keeping the consistency of a hitters swing for a whole season. Mike Trout is only 23 years old and can hold his swing together better than most veterans. How does Mike Trout
Twisting the Truth about Hitting

How Hitting Gurus Twist Truth About Hitting

by Coach Huber
How Hitting Gurus twist the truths about hitting into a pretzel! In the video provided below, another example of another hitting expert confused in the mystery of hitting. In this example, the hitting expert compares Ted Williams to Miguel Cabrera; citing Miguel Cabrera's swing is much more efficient than Ted Williams.So this guy's point is that Ted Williams takes his bat too far away from his ear on his load and sights that Miguel Cabrera does not and keeps the bat head inside his shoulder.This expert thinks Ted Williams would've been a much better hitter if he was shorter and [...]

Swing Too Long?

by fastballusa
Is this swing too long? Most hitting instruction today would generally say this swing is too long.  If I covered the face and uniform and the average coach thought this was a typical high school kid, he would be corrected by many hitting coaches saying his swing is too long.  They would say his lead arm is too straight.    Then reality hits - This is George Brett! The same guy most parents remember as having the sweetest swing in baseball.   Did George Brett have a long swing?   No. Did he extend his lead arm?  Yes! How about this [...]
Mets Curtis Granderson Review

Curtis Granderson Review

by Coach Huber
Curtis Granderson Super star out fielder, Curtis Granderson, of the Mets, formerly New York Yankees and had quite a career with the Detroit Tigers as one of their better left-handed hitters in pro baseball. With the Yankees, Curtis Granderson has been benched and a decision has been made by Joe Giradi and hitting coach Kevin Long to re-work Granderson’s swing during the season to get him back to form. Curtis Granderson has consistently been an over 30 home run player in the major leagues and his batting average has always been well over the norm. It seems that Granderson has [...]