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Now is the Time for Hitters

by Coach Huber
Attention Hitters at Levels! Hitting is at it's all time worst! Now is the time to Strike! Hi this is Mike Huber from Moneyballl Hitter Magazine. I am a Team Hitting Specialist and Lead Columnist for the magazine. Today were talking about...and I want to address this to the high school, college, minor league, major league hitters, or any hitter who realizes that now as we speak, hitting is at its all-time worst at the major league level, minor league level, collegiate level and at the high school level which is not doing very well with the BBCor bats.   [...]

Fear of Being Average Hitter

by Coach Huber
Do you feel fear of being a average hitter? If you have a fear of being an average hitter, it is the one thing that is holding you back to finding the right answers to improve. For most baseball players, to keep their head above water during their career, they have to learn to accept how good or no so good of a hitter they are. Most hitters at every level are average at best, which means their are a large percentage of hitters out there who have felt the feeling of guilt and fear of being a mediocre hitter.Here at Moneyball [...]
coaching hurts hitters

5 Common Cues that Hurt Major League Hitters

by Coach Huber
Major League Hitters are the worst since 1972! That's right; Today, major league hitters get less hits, have limited power, and earn fewer runs than they did in 1972! The question is, "Is this just a phenomena or does blame go somewhere?" It is obvious we are officially out of the performance enhancing era and now major league hitters have to hit more on natural skill set. Well if you pay attention closely, major league hitters have always been very impressive, especially now a days. The game is even more international and the MLB is full of the best hitters in the world rather than [...]