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Hitter on Schedule for Greatness

by Coach Huber
How do you know your on schedule for greatness as a hitter? This is quite the question that only a ball player who looks forward to a bright future would ask and I would ask all of you who read this article to really contemplate this question. Obviously a natural ball player who is super gifted has a better chance than the rest; but even the super gifted hit cross roads that put their career to a screeching halt. So in this article I am going to give you the ultimate guide to give you a clue if you are [...]

Minor League Players Hunting for Power- Come to Moneyball for help!

by Coach Huber
Minor League Player Contacts Moneyball for Help Recently we got a call from a minor league outfielder on the 40 man roster for the KC Royals. He is just a step away from being a major contributor and this year he needs to improve his hitting to get his chance.   Normally a .275 hitter between 12-15 homers a year, this hitter is big (6'3, 230) and fast (4.5 forty time). In the Minor Leagues it is rare that someone hits for power and good average, but we both agreed that these numbers were not good enough to really get the [...]

Why Hitting a Baseball is Getting Harder

by Coach Huber
Why is Hitting Getting Harder? Too Much Information! Hittting at the MLB level on down is at it 's worst since 1972. What is the number one reason? Mike Huber, Lead Columnist and Team Hitting Specialist tells you why hitters cannot hit naturally and how they are over trained and misinformed on how to truly hit to their potential!
Rotational Movement Training Weck Method

Rotational Movement Training

WHAT IS ROTATIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING® (RMT)? Rotation is the most fundamental component of movement. It takes place in all 3 planes of motion not just the Transverse plane. Watch as David Weck explains the two key elements of Rotational Movement Training and how it applies to your overall training. We're getting a lot of questions about Rotational Movement Training. People are asking what is RMT? So I want to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what Rotational Movement Training® or RMT® is. So there's two key elements to Rotational Movement Training®. The first one is to create [...]
Baseball Power Development

Baseball Power Development

by fastballusa
I thought I would share with you my recent experience talking to a travel organization about Baseball Power Development. "Development" is a word that get's thrown around a lot in the baseball circles and often really means nothing other than looking prettier.     Most of the 70 plus players said they take private lessons and had done at least 1 baseball camp in their lives. A lot of these players claim to have taken close to a hundred lessons in the past few years. The coaches of the organization wanted to me to come in to speak with the [...]