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Learn Moneyball Hitting Formula

by Coach Huber
NEW! Now anyone can learn the Moneyball Hitting Formula, guaranteed to increase power and numbers in a short time. Moneyball Hitting Instruction now on video download. Moneyball Hitter Video Training Series 2014- Hitting Specialist Mike Huber With bonus tips on how to QUICKLY correct Bad Habits! ORDER IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS AND GET A FREE SWING ANALYSIS     http://moneyballhitter.ecwid.com/#!/Moneyball-Hitter-Training-Videos-2014/p/45476031/category=0 This professionally made video series reveals all the secrets on how hitting specialist, Mike Huber, gets hitters at all levels to quickly hit for extraordinary more power while increasing their batting average simultaneously. You will get to witness the simplicity and explosiveness of [...]

Baltimore Orioles 2014-15 Team Review

Baltimore Orioles in Trouble without Nelson Cruz? Well the Baltimore Orioles have been a solid hitting ball club the last 2 years Baltimore Orioles have been in the top 10 in hitting. They are a homerun hitting team who are prone to slump a bit throughout the year and have issues with on base percentage. All in all, their power has made up for any weakness's and they were one playoff series away from going to the World Series. The O's hit .256/.422  which ranks them ninth in 2014. They are one of the few teams in the whole league who [...]

Cincinnati Reds Hitters Review

by Coach Huber
Cincinnati Reds Review of Hitters 2014 Moneyball Hitter Magazine, Mike Huber Hitting Specialist. Coming to you from my cellar, reviewing the Cincinnati Reds 2014 Season because they are a cellar team. If I had any Cincinnati Reds blood in my veins, I'd be boiling over. If you are a Cincinnati Reds fan, you want to see this video review. I went over all the numbers. It's not like I follow the Cincinnati Reds but after going over all the offensive numbers, somebody should be pissed off. Nobody is hearing the truth. That is what happens with hitting coaches, they just [...]
Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton $3M Swing

by fastballusa
Giancarlo Stanton 300 Million Dollar Swing The contract that Giancarlo Stanton is about to receive trumps all contracts. The Explosive Hitting System emphasizes two major areas....A. Hit the ball harder B. Hit the ball with good flight How does Giancarlo Stanton Accomplish Hitting Hard with good flight? Here are a few questions....... # 1 Does Stanton Push his hands in his swing or pull them? # 2 Does Stanton get extended long enough to create room for timing errors? # 3 Does Stanton Walk Away from his back foot or simply sit over his back foot? Stanton 300 Million Dollar Swing Part [...]
St. Louis Cardinals 2014 Season Review

St. Louis Cardinals 2014 Season Review

by Coach Huber
St. Louis Cardinals Team Review In this video, Lead columnist and Hitting Specialist Coach Mike Huber breaks down the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals Season. From an offensive standpoint he thinks they are in real trouble as they went from first to worst in scoring runs per game all in one year. Mike thinks this is a huge clue that something fishy is going on with the Cardinal hitting coaches and they tried to make some wholesale changes this past year, philosophically, and it backfired. Big time! Mike shares his views as to what he believe happened, how it can potentially get worse, [...]