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Kevin Long was Yankees Problem

Old Yankees are Back – Kevin Long was the Problem

by Coach Huber
What have the Yankees changed? Yankees lead the league in slugging and hitting numbers have jumped up to 50 points higher than last few years.  Every year the NY Yankees are amongst the most talented group of baseball players in the MLB. Since they are one of the best organization for producing winning teams you can say their players are always amongst the elite and they are certainly paid the highest. The last few years the Yankees have struggled offensively even with a star studded line up. They have been one of the bottom ten teams offensively since 2013, but [...]

NY Mets MLB Surprise Team in Spring Training

by Coach Huber
Spring Training ReportMLB surprise team- NY MetsBiggest disappointment- NY Yankees NY Mets and Yankees grabbed the headlines this spring training and there is an extreme amount of pressure on both teams right now. The Mets have established themselves this spring training 2015 as one of the better hitting teams in the MLB. They are ranked third overall and are tops in slugging percentages and home runs. The Yankees, on the other hand are bottom feeders offensively this spring. They are hitting a mere .241 as a team and are amongst the lowest in home runs and slugging percentages. So what is [...]

New York Yankees 2014-15 Team Review

Can New York Yankees New Hitting Coaches Save the Yankees Line-up? Last year (2014) the New York Yankees ranked 20th out of 29 teams in the MLB in hitting. The NY Yankees only had one player in their line-up (Jacoby Ellbury) that hit over .270 and had more than 15 homers (and he is the mallets Ayer in the team). Only McCann and Texeira hit over 20 homers but their batting average as so low you can say they were both non existent. They hit a dismal .245 and only slugged .380. How can that happen with all that talent [...]
Mets Curtis Granderson Review

Curtis Granderson Review

by Coach Huber
Curtis Granderson Super star out fielder, Curtis Granderson, of the Mets, formerly New York Yankees and had quite a career with the Detroit Tigers as one of their better left-handed hitters in pro baseball. With the Yankees, Curtis Granderson has been benched and a decision has been made by Joe Giradi and hitting coach Kevin Long to re-work Granderson’s swing during the season to get him back to form. Curtis Granderson has consistently been an over 30 home run player in the major leagues and his batting average has always been well over the norm. It seems that Granderson has [...]
St. Louis Cardinals 2014 MLB Playoffs

MLB Playoffs 2014 Cardinals Review

by Coach Huber
The St. Louis Cardinals are the closest thing to the NY Yankees of the National League. To put it bluntly, they just win and continue to win year in and year out. This year is there 4th year in a row where the Cardinals were division winners and they stake a claim to being a major impact in the MLB the past couple decades and in the history of baseball. It is no secret that the organization is built on class, character, and strategic and careful planning on building and keeping a winning roster year in and year out. The Cardinals [...]