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Two Types of Coach


Two Types of Coach


There are two types of coach that you, as a hitter, will come across when you play on different teams, and that is the coach who could care less how you hit as long as you are productive; or the coach who makes you hit his way no matter what the circumstance. Which type of coach would you like to be involved with and would give you a better chance to evolve as a hitter?

Type 1: The Defense-Focused Coach

Most would choose the first as the coach who does not care usually focuses on pitching and defense and will just find the best hitters to get in the line-up. If you are a good hitter this is a good thing because this type of coach won't be hounding you about the mechanics of your swing and you can put your efforts towards competing and getting hits. If you do not hit well, you probably never will if your coach does not care; my advice is get outside help before you get dumped from the line- up.

Type 2: The Ego-Driven Coach

Then there is the type of coach who is programmed to think one way about hitting and forces his hitters to hit that way even if there is obvious problems or a lack of success. In this case, the hitter with good rotational-based swings can get in trouble and may be forced to swing using the universal principles of swinging down at the ball.

My advice; learn to play along with the coach and then swing they way you want in games!

It is funny though, the coaches who seem to care, want you to swing a certain way but never really spend the extra time with you if you are struggling. They sort of just write you off in most cases which means they care about you doing what they say more than actually wanting you to get better.

The safe approach for coaches who are not sure about swing mechanics, is to focus on plate discipline and approach. Smart coaches take  that route to stay away from any friction between player and coach. Sometimes this method is helpful and sometimes not, but it is safe and a lot of pro hitting coaches use this method. If they do not, they will mostly get in trouble when their team does not hit and they are messing around with swings.

I have heard many of stories where good rotational hitters are leading the team in hitting and then when the coach finds out that the swing does not match their philosophy, the player gets benched or suppressed in most cases. This is sad but that is what is going on out there and we need to educate coaches as to the understanding of rotational hitting and what players are trying to accomplish so this does not a happen more frequently.

Raymond Johnson

Coach Huber, a.k.a. Hubie Magic, taught me how to hit a baseball when I was in high school. Today I have a son in little league and I coach his team. Teaching the swing mechanics methods I learned from Coach Huber, my son's team finished in first place our first season. I look forward to many years of coaching little league.

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