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White Sox Management Embarrassed by Their Offense

whitesox management embarrassed

White Sox Management Embarrassed by Their Offense

by Coach Huber

White Sox management embarrassed about their offense after big off- season improvements. Who is at fault?

We are now into mid June and the Chicago White Sox are reeling farther and farther back in the AL Central. Besides being in last place in their division, the White Sox have one of the worst records in the league due to their recent skid of winless games within the last weeks. So what is the main problem for the huge slide in Chicago?

The team is not playing well over all. The starting pitching has been the only positive thing to talk about with the White Sox. They are last in team defense in the league, and their hitting has been atrocious for most of the year.. They are last in the MLB in slugging percentage in ( .348) and on base percentage (.293). Their team batting average of .239 is near last in the league and they are nearly 15 points worse than they were in 2014 when the line up was not as potent.

The White Sox off season was said to be amongst the best with additions of Melky Cabrera and Adam Larouche along with Avisail Garcia coming back from injury. The White Sox line-up is so bad that not even Jose Abreu's superstar hitting abilities cannot save the Sox.

Like the White Sox, the Seattle Mariners are going through similar offensive struggles even with healthy additions to the line up via free agency. For the Mariners, Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager who lead the team in hitting, but are not getting any help. Superstar Robinson Cano only has 2 homers and is hitting .236!

How can MLB teams who add so many good players get worse?

The hitting coaches really do not get talked about until the end of the year when most of them are fired anyway. Some of them get fired halfway through the year and teams like the White Sox and the Mariners are probably having meetings about that as we speak. The Mariners may pull the trigger on hitting coach Howard Johnson, but why won't the White Sox do that when it obvious that the White Sox can't hit?

The investment of time the White Sox put in on Hitting Coach Todd Steverson when they hired him was overwhelming. The Sox knew that they have always had trouble with hitting coaches and they way their team has hit in the past and they wanted to out an end to all of that drama and finally pick up a hitting coach who knew what he was doing and could help the offense get to the next level.

When the Sox hired Steverson they selected him from 14 different other candidates who interviewed for the job. Steverson, like many other coaches formerly from the Oakland A's, are highly sought after because of the Moneyball tag that is put on them. As we have duly noted, it is not the coaches that make the A's formidable, but it is the Moneyballl scouting formula that does. Teams like the Sox mistakingly think that coaches like Steverson will turn their offense around because of the "Moneyball Magic" that General Manager Billy Beane created with the A's.

As we continually state at Moneyball Magazine, the Moneyball Magic is created by finding players who can hit for power and have higher batting averages and on base percentages at the same time. Billy Beane can find these players and our Moneyball Training formula can make them. This formula helps hitters hit for higher average while increasing their power and is much different from what MLB hitting coaches teach. We have known for a long time that most MLB hitters struggle because their swings get lost mainly to faulty coaching from the hitting coaches.

As for the White Sox, they invested a lot of time and effort on hiring Steverson and thinking that his affiliation with the A's will get the job done in Chicago. It has backfired so badly for the Sox, that they will feel embarrassed to fire Steverson (get to know Steverson and his plan for the. sox in 2015 interview http://youtu.be/Cs4Go2XK1I8) this season even know there off we has totally tanked.

Coach Huber
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Coach Huber

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Coach Huber
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