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Why Will Ferrell is a Great Hitting Coach?


Why Will Ferrell is a Great Hitting Coach?

by fastballusa

The majority of baseball players in America could use the advice of third baseball coach - Will Ferrell. 

Will Ferrell Might Be The Best Hitting Coach on the planet

Instead we continue to over kill our hitters with instruction, video analysis, drills, and the results have become that we have a nation filled with contact hitters or kids who have grown up hearing the term "ball four - base hit".   

Instead of hearing "just make contact", or "just put it in play", or "hands inside",  we would be doing a lot more good for them if we just let them be free and natural, athletic, and let them hit the ball as hard as possible.    In fact we should be encouraging aggressiveness and encouraging them to hit the ball hard.

The problem is most adults don't have the patience for a player to swing and miss one time, let a lone 3 times. 

The first time a kid is aggressive and swings and misses a ball pitched at his eyes, the adults and coaches are quick to yell at the player.   Of course every time we see a coach yell at a player for swinging aggressively at a bad pitch, the player then proceeds to watch the next pitch which ends up being right down the middle.  Cool  WE HAVE ALL SEEN IT. 

If you take an athlete and take away his or her aggressiveness than you have a non-athlete.   This is what's being done to the majority of baseball players across the UNited States.   Over taught, under trained.   They are being taught to play instead of being allowed to figure it out with some guidance.   Instead we assume we have all the answers as coaches when in fact we often get it wrong.  

Even Will Ferrell has figured this out and of course is trying to joke but he's not far off. 

''They say there's nothing more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark, and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic,'' he said. ''... But you know what, today I learned that was wrong. They had eight Dominicans, and one guy from Irvine, California.'' Will Ferrell

My message is simple.  
Be athletic.  
Be Explosive.  
Fail, learn, and then fail again.  

* Mickey Mantle Never had a hitting lesson instead he was self taught.

* Ted Williams never had a hitting coach but somehow he figured it out.

* Bryce Harper speaks about how he and his dad never got complicated with hitting instruction but instead chose to focus on keeping it simple. He was taking millions of swings as a kid and letting the mechanics emerge from the goal of hitting the ball hard and making adjustments. 

The rest of the world wants short cuts. A private lesson will fix my son and give him the knowledge. The reality is to be great it will take millions of swings, staying athletic, staying explosive, and letting the natural athletic ability come out in the swing.  

At Fastball USA we have chosen quite a different road than 95% are currently taking. That road will be tough at times. We will fail. We will get up, make an adjustment and do it again. That's how great hitters are made.    

Hit the ball hard - and hit it with good flight!



Director of Baseball Training at Fastball USA
Coach Ryan has spent 14 years as an Associate Scout with the Seattle Mariners organization, and has been running Fastball USA since 2001. Coach Ryan has spent nearly 20 years as a professional baseball instructor specializing in hitting and pitching.
email: fastballusa@hotmail.com.

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